Achievements Must be Individualized

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Maybe you heard the phrase before “the path is the goal” or “the prize is the process” and for the most part I agree but lets be honest, if you know there is going to be a reward your more willing to do the tasks, especially the tedious tasks. Achievements are mostly social, they are rewards that can be used to show off that you have accomplished something.
Games are full of little tricks, and teasers to keep you playing. Rewards and achievements are one of the most powerful tools at their disposal. Rewards tend to be tailored towards your intrinsic motivation and achievements towards extrinsic motivation. Achievements are also often used to signal that you have reached a milestone and rewards sometimes get sprinkled in to keep you motivated. 

Achievements represent that you have accomplished something.

Rewards are something you get additionally for accomplishing something.

Achievement Examples from games

Minecraft uses achievements to show the player that they have done something for the first time

Apex Legends
Apex allows people to display they achievements as badges on a player card, to show off to other players. 
    4000 Damage Badge (Super hard to get)
    Win Two Rounds in a Row


Reward Examples from games

World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft is famous for requiring the players to grind out days to get some equipment. Below is just one example.
What are the requirements to get the Vulpera Heritage Armor

One of the main requirements to obtain the Vulpera Heritage Armor transmog set is to raise your Vulpera race character to the maximum level. In this case, depending on when you have done it, from the Shadowlands launch event to the future it will be level 50, in contrast if you did it before the change of the leveling mechanics, it would be level 120.

Once you have obtained the maximum level of your character, a quest with the name of Heritage of the Vulpera will appear. To turn in this quest you will have to travel to the Vol’dun area. Once there, you will have to find the Vulpera Hideaway in the eastern area, in the center of the map. There, you must speak to Hagashi to receive the quest.

Find the complete article here.
“World of Warcraft – How to Get The Vulpera Heritage Armor.”
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How does it benifit my everyday life

Achievements are a prestige thing. Honestly I think this gamification method is really focused on showing off to the world what you have accomplished. So how could this benefit your life? Well in the case that people care about your achievements and you have proper proof that it is legit you can always use it to show that you are a capable human being. The issue with giving yourself an achievement is that it is not really validated by society. So I suggest documenting very well what you have done so that you can prove it somehow incase someone asks. 

How i can implement this gamification idea


Creating meaningful achievements for myself seems somewhat silly, but I found that if there is something I have accomplished that can be shown to other people my motivation would rise. While working on this website I a gained the skill of designing a website over WordPress, so I thought about how I could create a meaningful achievement or badge for this newly acquired skill. My conclusion was that I can now add this to my CV and additionally on to my LinkedIn Account for the world to see. 

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