Google Calendar

Application:- Google - Calendar

Google calendar is very simple and well established calendar application. There are many integration possibilities, which make this app quite popular, even for business. You can share calendars and add features through addons from which there are hundreds. The app can be downloaded or accessed over a browser making it extremely accessible. 

In my attempts to use google calendar for gamification purposes, I found it actually quite pleasant. It is a very visual experience and offers a beautiful overview of your week. If you are interested in analyzing your data you will need to find an appropriate add on like “Time Navi” for example. I still need to find the best way to actually gamify the calendar but I see a lot of potential here. – Klevinup



+ Visual display of your schedule and time blocking 
+ Sharable
+ Addons and integrations 
+ Works extremely well with other google apps 



+ Mobile and Computer
+ Easy to use and understand
+ Has an offline mode, but needs to be activated



– Additional features need to be added through addons
– Security and Privacy could be improved



– Free

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